How I Work

What John Brennan Offers

I offer a high level of customer service, patience, and casual professionalism. I know what a geek knows, but present it and explain it like a regular person. I am patient with my clients and offer compassion rather than frustration. I strive for clarity and provide a supportive way for my clients to become increasingly self-sufficient with their technology.
I strive to present the information in easy-to-understand language. My goal in working with clients is to educate them enough that they no longer need my services, or that they need my services for more advanced learning. I take pride when I see clients’ mastery of what used to confound them.
Although my focus can be making your computer problems go away, I can do much more. The foundation of my coaching work is file management training, but that’s just the beginning.


I am based in Portland, Oregon. I’m available to travel for work (anywhere for the right job) and have clients in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. When traveling, I generally work over several days with a client, but if you can tie into my schedule at one of my destinations, I can work for shorter periods.
Of course, if you are in Portland, we can work as little or as much as you like.