Web Clients

Like most freelance web people, I have a variety of clients across industries. For some, I set up the site, and they take it from there. For others, I assist with on-going or periodic maintenance. In all cases, if the site doesn’t work when you click below, that’s because I’m no longer maintaining┬áthe site. Here are a few sites:
Dan Melvin Portfolio Site
Andrew Adams Business Card Site
[Client took site down]Generate: Global Gathering
Shasta Shaman
Ilana Sol – Filmmaker and Archival Researcher

Computer Coaching

I work with individuals and small businesses bringing a broad base of tech skills to provide cost-effective solutions. In addition to computer coaching, I offer a range of services to a variety of clients:

  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Doctor Office
  • Yoga Studio
  • Interior Designer
  • Business Coach
  • Environmental Design Consultant
  • Artists

I help find solutions for organizing systems, whether it’s an artist cataloging their work, setting up workflows to integrate with technology, or teaching and setting up hierarchical file management.
I provide coaching to increase confidence with using technology.
I have the ability to hold the emotions that might come up around the frustration and lack of knowledge around computers.
I provide specialized training on programs and apps. From Office suites and operating systems, to photo management software like Lightroom, I can help.

Enterprise Clients

I have experience with content management system from WordPress to Open Text’s Vignette. With larger web sites, my expertise and experience is on the front end: content management, publishing, taxonomy, and workflow. Once I know the implementation of your system, I can troubleshoot content and display issues.
Let’s talk if you can use my abilities to see if I can help you solve your CMS problems.