Computer Coaching and Troubleshooting

John Brennan provides computer coaching for the individual and CMS expertise plus information architectures for enterprise clients. My patience, clarity, broad base of knowledge, and strong problem-solving skills put my clients at ease and create a high level of comprehension and satisfaction.

One-on-One Coaching & Troubleshooting

My computer coaching clients typically have a long list of computer-related problems and questions.  We go through the list, prioritize, and begin addressing them. We can cover questions about:

  • Hardware  – “Why is my computer so slow?” “Can you help to get my printer/scanner/phone working?”
  • Software  – “Why can’t I open this attachment?” “I want to know more about Facebook. Can you help?”
  • Organizational Systems – “Where are my pictures?” “I can’t find those attachments.”
  • Technology Integration – “How can I get my email on my phone?”

With patience, I teach you to solve your problems. (Or I can just make them go away.)

Corporate Clients

Five + years of front-end web content management experience. Work with organizations of all sizes, including the enterprise, and their content management systems to insure maintainability, responsiveness, and accuracy. Insure robust migration events, while complying with legal requirements and working with data and IT staff.
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